Advisory Services

Are you ready to produce the change, innovation, and profits you know are possible? Ready to take your team, your business, your personal leadership to the next level?

Our common-sense approach to raising performance is founded on experience and infused with research expertise.  We combine an intimate knowledge of cutting-edge management research with years of experience helping executives resolve their most challenging dilemmas.

Our consulting, coaching, keynote speeches, and offsite programs meld three “insight ingredients” (expert knowledge, penetrating analysis, and process leadership) in unique proportions to strengthen your foundation for future performance. We often work with clients to design a customized service that precisely blends the ingredients you need to close the gap between current performance and your potential.

My network of collaborators and I will bring the right proportion of expert knowledge, analytical insight, and process leadership to help you and your team grow in leadership ability and reach your profitability, sales growth, product development, quality, or employee/customer satisfaction mandates.


aligning leadership, strategy, and organization produce organizational effectivenessCapture new market opportunities. Kick-start growth in a lethargic culture. Raise the bar on innovation. Bring profitability back to a sagging P&L. These achievements occur only when three business elements flow together perfectly: leadership, organization, and strategy.

Bringing insights from experience and research, we’ll join you in a robust process to help you understand where you are now, and see clearly where you need to go, and determine how you are going to get there. We’ll meet you where you most need help, whether it’s improving leadership, aligning organization, or recharting strategy—or all of the above. Learn more…


We work with high-potential managers and senior leaders who are eager to change and raise their leadership insights, skills, and habits.  Past participants have seen visible improvements in their relationships with direct reports, peers, and superiors, and a step-change in their ability to get things done in the organization.

In addition to the analysis and reflection tools used by traditional coaches to identify areas for improvement, we emphasize a tutorial or teaching approach to instruct executives on the new practices, and an experiential-development process of trying various new skills and evaluating their efficacy.

Much of our coaching is done in the context of substantive business-consulting projects or leadership of specific initiatives, but we also do standalone coaching focused on specific developmental goals.  Contact me for more information.

Offsite Meetings

You need much more than a basic facilitator if you want to catalyze real change in the face of divergent understandings of an issue, competing interests in the outcome, or a long-standing decision-making impasse.  Our offsites enable leadership teams to overcome inertia and gridlock and press ahead together on new opportunities or performance shortfalls.

We accomplish this with an infusion of (1) carefully targeted thought leadership—a component of the program we call Exec Ed Briefings℠—which helps unite your team around a common understanding of the business situation, (2) structured analytical exercises to uncover the roots of the challenges you face and potential solutions to them, and (3) expertly guided “process leadership” that enlivens the interpersonal and team relationships which must form the foundation of future change.

We’ll be glad to discuss how these elements can carry your team out of its next offsite with momentum, common vision, and focused energy toward your big goals.   Contact me for more information.

Keynote Speeches

A shared conceptual foundation can make the difference between coordinated action and chaotic jostling when you try to implement a strategic change.  Shared insight can be the spark that kindles an invigorating and ongoing conversation about the purpose, practices, or positioning of a business.

Our keynote speeches do exactly that.  They weave together time-tested knowledge with cutting-edge insights from the latest management research. Our scholarly expertise lets us sift out the fads and questionable fluff that sometimes distracts managers from getting things done.  We bring pointed, pithy insights designed to promote specific action toward higher performance.

It’s knowledge that rings true, is immediately actionable, and makes lucid what had not been obvious before.  Consider what that kind of shared understanding could do for your organization.  Learn more…